About CDC

CDC is a wealth management firm which provides bespoke financial planning for High Net Worth and Ultra High Net Worth individuals. Founded in 2006 with origins in the North East of England, CDC now serves customers across the UK and overseas.


CDC holds the prestigious Chartered Financial Planner status, awarded by the Chartered Insurance Institute. Only the top few percent of firms which meet demanding and exacting standards, most notably around the level of qualifications within the firm, hold this accreditation. This helps to cement our commitment to being a leader in the industry, underscores our expertise and provides a quality kite-mark to our customers.


We believe in providing tailored, quality solutions to our customers’ financial dilemmas, backed by friendly and courteous service which helps to build a relationship of trust between customers and their advisers. When we talk about ‘solutions’ we focus our energies on the ability to provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all aspects of financial planning built around the individual and just as importantly, being able to execute each stage flawlessly. We are able to do this through our unique structure and our maxim of limiting the number of customers per adviser, meaning CDC customers get more one to one attention.



In March 2022, CDC Wealth Management became part of a wider national group of companies called Verso Wealth Management as part of our growth strategy. This partnership was very carefully considered and we believe it empowers us to focus on what we do best – providing our clients with the very best advice available. Read more about The Verso Wealth Management Group.


Verso Wealth Management and CDC

Launched in 2021, Verso Wealth Management was formed following the merger of Munnypot, an award-winning fully automated investment service and Whitefoord, a London based private client wealth management firm. Pavis was the third firm to come aboard this growing group, followed by CDC Wealth Management and Campbell Thomson. Verso has continued to make acquisitions as it becomes a leading national consolidator of financial planning firms. By partnering with Verso Wealth Management, we can ensure the continued success of our well-established services, and gain access to additional resources and enhanced technology which will help us to serve you better.

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