CDC Wealth Management … Big in the City!

09 Mar CDC Wealth Management … Big in the City!

We are delighted to announce one of the most significant and exciting developments in our recent history – the opening of a London office. From 31st March CDC will be opening a ‘flagship’ office at No1 Cornhill, London.

Cornhill is regarded as the nucleus of the financial district and takes its name from one of the three ancient hills of London. Bob Cratchit in Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, slid down Cornhill to celebrate Christmas! The building at No 1 is one of the four trophy locations on ‘Bank Junction’ alongside The Bank of England, The Royal Exchange and Mansion House. It was commissioned in 1903 for Cornhill Insurance and is built from Portland stone and boasts a very striking domed ceiling.

As regular readers of our newsletters will know, our ambition has always been to extend our unique wealth management experience across the UK. The opening of our Edinburgh office, followed by Bournemouth in January 2015 were a notable steps in that process and following the success of these, we decided London was the next logical strategic location for us.

CDC already serves many customers in and around London and the demand for our services is growing rapidly, so having a formal presence in the capital does make commercial sense. CDC’s Head Office and administrative centre will remain in Sunderland, which will provide all the support and infrastructure for the London, Bournemouth and Edinburgh offices.