Investment Matters – September 2014

Investment Matters – September 2014

Over the summer months many of you will have enjoyed your seasonal breaks safe in the knowledge that whilst the referendum issue has been in the background, the markets have remained fairly benign.  So with clients sunning themselves and markets behaving themselves, I have turned my attention to wider issues, specifically looking at how we engage with our clients on investment issues.

Perhaps for many not the most thrilling of topics, however, at CDC we are completely focused on providing information to our clients that is transparent, simple and in a format that is useful to you.  As you know we provide six monthly investment reports and regular reviews specific to your portfolio, but as a further enhancement we have developed an Investment Portal for our advisers to use in client meetings.

The Investment Portal is in the final stages of development and is designed to provide advisers with an interactive platform to present investment information in a clear and concise fashion when meeting with clients.  It covers a wide range of information from the asset and fund structure of your portfolio to the investment decisions we make on your behalf as well as important performance information with regards to your chosen investments.

We will be introducing this tool over the coming months and your adviser will run through a demonstration of how it works and applies to your investments.  As ever, we greatly value your feedback so would be delighted to hear any comments.

Alister Gaines Investment Director